Our Services

Consulting Session

Do you have any investment or business idea, but you don’t know how and from where to start? Or perhaps you have an ongoing business or investment that is struggling to takeoff because of poor management or bad planing or maybe because of a combination of both?! If your answer is “Yes” then you’re at the right place!

Business consulting with Najib for two hours is your first and best choice. Najib will analyze and evaluate your own business structure and will look into your operating business practices and help you through his vast knowledge, academic and practical history. Contact us now and reserve your consultation opportunity with Najib. 

Company Performance Evaluation Visit

Do you think your company or business don’t work well due to reasons you don’t know about? For instant, Is there a low productivity level? Or possibly there is unneeded expense that negatively impact the business profit or revenue margin? Including any other fundamental organization problems.

There is high chance that Najib's visit to your company will be your great choice to get on sight and give you instant advice. Also, give you alternative solutions that will boost your company efficiency and performance. 

Training Courses

Najib Al-Hagi offers business consulting services through training presentations and courses derived from his professional major in (Business Administration & Entrepreneurship). Many seminars offered, revolves around establishing, operating, and administrating investments, which include business brainstorming and plans presented by Najib in a modern practical approach.

You can contact us here and ask any questions that has to do with the training seminars that Najib Al-Hagi presents occasionally. In addition, you may also reserve yourself a seat directly with us.